Our Services

Primary Care – Your Partner in Health

A primary care practice serves as your first point of entry into the health care system and as the continuing focal point for all needed health care services. Our practice provides you with ready access to your own personal physician, or to an established back-up physician when the primary physician is not available.

Our services cover:

  • Health Promotion
  • Disease Prevention
  • Health Maintenance
  • Counseling
  • Patient Education
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in a variety of health care settings (e.g., office, inpatient, critical care, long-term care, home care, day care, etc.)

Primary Care Physician?

A primary care physician is a specialist in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Pediatrics who provides definitive care to the undifferentiated patient at the point of first contact, and takes continuing responsibility for providing you comprehensive care. This care may include chronic, preventive and acute care in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Such a physician must be specifically trained to provide comprehensive primary care services through residency or fellowship training in acute and chronic care settings.

Your personal primary care physician serves as the entry point for substantially all of the patient's medical and health care needs - not limited by problem origin, organ system, or diagnosis. Primary care physicians are advocates for the patient in coordinating the use of the entire health care system to benefit you, the patient.

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